Ever wondered what Truly Epic Growth is like?

Stuck with sluggish business growth?
Perhaps you know you need internal changes to face up to the challenges of the 21st century?
Know your business needs a boost but don’t know how?

You need a Wizard!

Operational Excellence covers all areas of your business.

  • Process
  • Procedures
  • Strategies
  • Skills

Properly applied by an Operations Wizard 🧙‍♂️
Your company performance can work like clockwork, be more efficient, compete with the big corporations and drive better profits.

Can your business continue to thrive and grow and most important put a smile on not only your face, but your employees and clients too?

It sounds magical, but it’s really not, it’s an alchemical process that I call the 4SMethod – the systems, strategies, skills and scale that uniquely blend to make your business grow with both joy and momentum

I have a 20 year track record at the highest levels of operations in fintech, finance, startups and more. I’ve mentored over 2000 companies in all areas of growth, both internal and external. I believe a thriving, happy company is one that takes a whole company approach. And one that I have developed uniquely through my eclectic career.

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Peter Jones

“Simon is a positive, tenacious individual with both corporate experience, running large departments, and yet also working with startups to help them do more of the right things more often.

As a startup co-founder, I have found Simon to be a generous listener and sounding board, having solid down to earth advice about practical business decisions to be made.

He has added stability across our team and given a new dimension to the team in terms of making better, more grounded business decisions.

I am happy to recommend Simon to new contacts, he is well suited to a mentoring role, which can be invaluable to a startup running as fast as possible to stay still.”

Heather Halloran

I had the pleasure of working with Simon at both Interactive Data and ACTIV Financial and found him to be knowledgeable, responsive and meticulous. Simon is a credible resource and the information and guidance he provided was always accurate and comprehensive. Any organization that has the opportunity to work with Simon will quickly regard him as one of their most valued employees

Lamia Walker

I have known Simon Barry for approximately 17 months, we met when we were looking for a business mentor to help us take our post revenue web start-up to the next level of growth.

From the very start, Simon proved a clear thinking and knowledgeable advisor.  More to the point he was supportive and very encouraging, so much so that even when things were challenging he gave one the strength to strive for more and have belief in our idea.  

This was a very refreshing experience. I had met with two other possible mentors before choosing Simon. With him I felt a positive vibe, and that together we could build our business.

The real success of his mentorship over the year we worked together (stopped only by the Coronavirus effect on our travel sector business) was that through his encouragement, guidance and help in our strategic review and analysis were we able to double our sales revenue in that year. He galvanised our team to work better together. That is his secret weapon. He gets more out of you than you think you can deliver.

Simon’s real skills delivered, as he enabled us as a team to focus on our real strengths. With his encouragement, we planned to explore new markets and avenues where our strengths could become strong foundation stones for our nascent business.

And best of all, he is a lovely guy to work with.

Anthony Caramagno

Simon likes to work on things and make them perfect! He is an extremely hardworking individual who has an excellent grasp of operations and, as a member of his Board of Advisors, I have enjoyed providing the advice he needs for his tasks to make Socialite.me as perfect as possible. Simon is the type of individual who will ensure a smooth unveiling of an exquisite product. As COO of Socialite.me, Simon is an outstanding right-hand man to his CEO. I recommend Simon for all endeavours and I look forward in continuing my work for Simon as he builds Socialite.me into a world-class organization

David Hann

I have been fortunate to work with Simon at two different companies Activ and Interactive Data. Simon is a highly motivated individual with excellent skills in the arena of Data Quality. He is unique in his ability to understand data sets both from a development perspective and relating that to business needs. This knowledge extends over a wide range of content from exchange based market data to more complex OTC market data, such as Fixed Income and FX, as well as corporate actions and reference data.


Building Small Businesses with Operational Excellence. Efficiency + Strategy = Increased Profitability Operations Wizard

Company Growth

I don’t believe in the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to growth. It takes years of experience and deep sense of responsibility to understand how I can drive your business forward sustainably and with momentum.


I have been fortunate to work as a coach and mentor for over a decade and have guided over 200 companies to success and greater fortune. Your success is my source of happiness.

Results Oriented

I am committed to driving results. My coaching style is results orientated. If you want things to be explosive. Stop here!