What is the 4S system?

The 4S System consists of the skills, strategies, systems and ways you can scale your business. Those four “S’s”, I believe, are essential for you to build your business and if you don’t have the right mix of those four S’s, I don’t believe your business will be able to grow in the future. So, let’s cover these in a bit more detail.

What systems have you got in place? They could be technical systems. They could be manual systems. They could be technology you brought in. They could be technology you build yourself. Essentially, what systems do you have in place that build your business?

Strategies, what strategies have you implemented internally and externally? Strategies that will help you win customers, build new technology, motivate your staff or move forward. I think having the right strategies in place and being able to be flexible and adaptable with those strategies is extremely important in the future.

Skills, we we can have the right systems. We can have the right strategies but do you have the right people with the right skills in place? Do you have the right skills in place to be able to implement those skills and those strategies going forward?

Scale. We will have a different idea about scale is in our business. Is it more customers? Is it more likes? Is it more followers? Do we want more revenue or is it a combination of all of those things?

Your unique set of your four S’s are the unique DNA that make your business special.

The 4S Podcast covers all these areas, gives unique tips, training and support to those who are interested in building momentum in their business, as well as interviewing a whole host of interesting and varied business professionals so they can share their wisdom.

If you are a business professional, owner, founder, entrepreneur, or just want to learn how to do things better, this podcast is for you

In this series of podcasts, I will not only tell my story and what I believe the systems, strategies, skills and scale need to be in your business but I will also be interviewing some excellent and amazing guest who will come on, tell their story and give away their pearls of wisdom. So, join me on this journey.

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