Travel is good for you

Travel. The open road. Experiencing different people, cultures, weather, or architecture. I must admit, I LOVE traveling. I also believe it has made me a better entrepreneur and businessman.

There is a certain excitement I get from seeing new countries and meeting amazing people and experiencing different cultures, food, and cities. It excites me, it invigorates me, it opens my senses to different perspectives and possibilities.

I believe travel is an amazing way for an entrepreneur to shift their perspective, to change the way they see things and to move forward and see the world in a different light. After all, it’s that different light that makes a difference if you are in business, it could lead to a new product idea, you could see something and improve upon it, or you could change direction altogether.

Familiarity breeds boredom, it breeds stale and old thinking. I think travel opens the mind to new possibilities.

But what if you are a fledgling start up and travel is out of the question? The answer is to change your environment, get out of the office, go for a walk, sit by the river, change your scenery and you change your thinking.

Humanity has always been a nomadic race, being able to creatively adapt to any harsh environment or situation, I am fully convinced that we will end up in the stars, seeking out new opportunities and challenges. This is what makes us as humans special, and that challenge is what makes us be able to rise up, use our brains and think out of the box.

So it doesn’t matter if you pop out to the park with your sarnie at lunchtime, or get on a plane and experience a new city, for your mind expanding creativity, get out there!

I also discussed this in my latest vlog…..

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