Launch of the Simon Barry Podcast

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of my business podcast, The Simon Barry podcast. I’ve podcasted before in a previous business and already have 42 podcasts to my name. This time I wanted to add value to you by interviewing some special people.

So far I have interviewed Hillel Fuld using his app ZCast (seriously great app for live podcasting check it out here), and Israeli based startup advisor, blogger and social media superstar. He’s well known, incredibly humble and a must follow if you are into business, startups or investing – follow him on twitter¬†here¬†or catch his website here

My second podcast is an equal knockout, I interview the “King of Facebook Ads” Avery Ratz and talk about his journey, entrepreneurialism, startup and of course Facebook Ads. He is an amazing guy, a social media influencer and well worth connecting with find him on Twitter here or connect with his website here

I’ve love a listen, subscribe and a comment on my podcast. Link here

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