Growing your Business Series – Part 1 Choosing the right systems


We all want that extra something, something that can give us or our business that extra edge, today in the first of a multi-part series, I will discuss one area in which you can make a difference in your business, which, let’s be honest, we are all interested in.

So let’s start with the basics, what is a system. A system is a set or series of tools or procedures designed to help your business with implementation, practices, guidelines, and processes. It connects all parts of your business together and helps it achieve its strategic goals.

A business who develops and implements the right system is like a well oiled machine, all its component parts are working at an optimum level that enable it to perform in coordination achieving maximum efficiency.

I have found that early or smaller businesses can rely on more instinctual and less formal systems, but as growth takes hold, it becomes essential to implement the right systems to ensure you maintain and sustain growth.

So what are some good ways of creating and implementing the right systems? Some systems are procedural, take what’s in your head and make sure it’s properly documented, this way everyone in your company maintains consistency and knows exactly the right way to do things. Systems can be implemented and managed with technical tools, and although it can be tempting to use a tool as a cure all for implementing a system, ensure that the tool is the right fit and works well with your team.

Monitoring how a system works is often a key to growth, if you do not have any idea about how your systems work, how can you ensure they are implementing the right strategy and achieving the right results? Be proactive in analysing your systems and the results your expect, so that problems can be rectified, and systems can be honed and developed to improve efficiency.

We all know the importance of leadership in driving and implementing a system, however there is an element of trust that needs to be employed. A system is only as good as the people implementing it, do you have the right people? Do the people believe in the systems? Trust is often about listening, listen and learn to the people using these systems and you will often find that better and more efficient systems are created.

And as we have learned, a business system is designed to connect all the areas of your business together so that you can achieve your business strategy, and strategy is what I will be covering next in this series.

My name is Simon Barry, I am a business coach and mentor who specialises in taking your business to the next level. If you are interested in a no risk chat, email me at or book an appointment with me here

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