Bespoke coaching and support that enables you to accelerate and dominate in your business niche

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I cover leadership, process and procedures, scaling your business, social media, live streaming, engagement, social selling and more

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Looking for someone to keynote your event, be part of a panel or run industry specialist topics and workshops? Please get in touch

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About me...

I've had a unique career.

From bleeding edge trading systems servicing the demanding world of high-speed trading and investment banking, I honed my early career in the world of high technology and fast-paced innovation in large blue chip financial organisations.

Ten years ago, I decided to make a change. I leapt into the world of digital transformation, social media and start-ups. I've built several, failed at much more, and have learned through it all. Now I give back

I speak, run workshops, podcast, vlog, help and mentor SME's, start-ups and individuals to follow their dreams by leveraging the best digital technology can offer to allow them to compete with anyone


Next Steps...

If you would like an assessment of your potential in the 21st century, get in touch and set up a free consultation and learn how to accelerate